On the Local SDGs Platform you can search the SDGs effort of the municipality you want to investigate.

How to Use 3 Steps

1 : Sign Up

Local SDGs Platform has an account authentication function to provide content for each user. Let's create an account to display the information you want. If you have already created an account, please Sign In.

2 : Search Municipality

After creating your account, let's search for the municipality you'd like to research. You can choose the municipality you want to check even from the Japan map or pull down list. Based on the search history, the local SDGs platform provides the information you want.

3 : Display Results

After choosing the municipality you want to investigate, you can see the degree of SDGs effort of the target municipality in a table or graph. In addition to the SDGs effort degree, it is also possible to browse the local SDGs platform for the existence of various plans such as comprehensive plan of local governments and regional comprehensive strategy of target local governments.

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